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Customized Therapeutic Massage for headaches, back pain, injuires, and wellness
Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for purchase in various denominations of 30 minute,60-minute, 90-minute,and packages of four.  Please refer to the Massage Rates and Appointment Information page for more information.

You may purchase an instant gift certificate by simply clicking on "Schedule an Appointment" below. This will bring you to the online scheduling site to instantly print out gift certificates for your convenience. Visa and Mastercard are accepted for online purchases of these certificates.  Please print out the purchased certificate to bring to the appointment.

Full color glossy gift certificates are also are available at your convenience.  For a full color gift certificate, please phone at (425) 442-0947 or email at northwestbodybalance@massagetherapy.com, and your order will be mailed the same day it is received.  Shipping is free!


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